Our entire office is committed to patient care! Our mission is to treat our patients and their families with the utmost respect while providing outstanding orthodontic care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here is what they’re saying:

“I just wanted to thank you all for making my braces experience such a positive and enjoyable (yes, enjoyable) one. Each visit I was seen promptly, and the professionalism and friendly faces of you staff truly made my 2 years fly by”
~Elly G.

“Thank all of you for assisting me in achieving my incredible straight teeth…Thanks to Dr. Tran for pulling it all together! You’re a great team and did I tell you – I love my new TEETH!!”
~Debbie T.

“Many thanks to all of you for making the remainder of my orthodontic experience such a pleasant one! I have enjoyed seeing all of you and your welcoming smiles. Thank you for improving my smile!”
~Tammy W.

“When we think of you all and smile (which is frequently) those beautiful teeth are there for all to see.”
~John S. & Family

“Thank you for the excellent care you gave to Claire. Her teeth are beautiful! Your office staff was always wonderful and helpful in every way.”
~The J. G. Family

The following Dentists have placed themselves or their families in our care:

Dr. Pam Asseff
Dr. Priscilla Bond
Dr. Kimberly Breslin
Dr. Dan Carroll
Dr. Connie Dunn
Dr. Robert Eversole
Dr. Sue Feely
Dr. Noel Garcia
Dr. Mark Gardner
Dr. Clay Gilbert

Dr. Tom Ison
Dr. David Jones
Dr. David Kamer
Dr. Frank Kurowski
Dr. Brenda Morris
Dr. Paul Nahmias
Dr. Melinda Paris
Dr. James Ransdell
Dr. F. Richard Schmitt
Dr. Kathy Seibert

Dr. Fred Sims
Dr. Scott Thompson
Dr. Bryan Veal
Dr. Eric Veal
Dr. Charles Vittitow
Dr. Paul Weber
Dr. Kimberly Westermann
Dr. Ken Whittenburg
Dr. Michael Wimsatt
Dr. Peter Wimsatt